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Range of Tea

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Black Tea Green Tea Herbal Rooibos Oolong Other
Earl Grey Moroccan Mint Cretan Mountain Gingerbread biscuit & Orange Orange Blossom Honeybush Chocolate
Russian Caravan Papaya, Guava & Mango Organic Magic Pineapple & Lemon Sorbet Wulong (Oolong) Keemun
Almond & Cherry Peppermint Thyme Tea Rooibos   Pina Colada
Arctic Fire Sencha Green Verba Mate Stracciatella Ice Cream Vanilla Chocolate    
Blood Orange Smiling Monkey Banana Tea   Strawberry & Cream    
Butter Truffle Vanilla        
Chocolate & Coconut          
English Drawing Room Scented          
Garden of England Afternoon Tea          
Lemon Flavoured          
Pistachio & Marzipan          
Versailles Lavender Earl Grey          
White Lady          
Winter Tea          
English Breakfast          
Nepal Masala          
Genmai Chai          



Cretan Mountain
Greek Mountain Tea Malotira - from the Mountains of Crete. This traditional herbal tea has for generations been the secret of Cretan families well known for its health giving properties. Known locally as Malotira, our tea is very fresh and is absolutely worth a try.
Organic Magic
Organic Magic.
Yerba Mate
Pronounced as “yer-bah mah-tay”, it has been a drink of South Americas for centuries, being referred to as “The Drink of the Gods” by indigenous groups and “The Green God of the Indios” by Europeans. “Yerba Mate has the strength of coffee, health benefits of tea and the euphoria of chocolate.”
Thyme is very well known as a herbal tea. Thymus was highly regarded by the ancient Greeks for its cleansing medicinal properties against illnesses and diseases. Thyme is a powerful antiseptic and an expectorant.
Verba Mate
Verba Mate.
Black Flavoured
A very special spicy flavoured tea blend. Based on a mild Black Tea loose leaf tea blended with the flavours of south Indian exotic Cinnamon. Cinnamon Tea is a strong tea with heavy aroma.
Pistachio and Marzipan
This delicate cup is full of intense nutty flavours which are reminiscent of the holiday season! Sweet and nutty with chocolaty notes from the Black Tea. A comforting, smooth cup with large marzipan drops and full green pistachios that will keep you warm through the cold winter.
Chocolate and Coconut Black
Chocolate and Coconut Tea is a new flavoured black tea that brings an indulgent note to your cup, a real taste of the good life! This Caribbean creation has a fine aroma and exquisite creamy taste. 
Almond and Cherry Black
Our Almond and Cherry is a flavoured black loose leaf china tea that reminds you of the famous bakewell tart pudding. A powerful aroma hits you when you open the packet and in cup the flavours are full and creamy with fruity notes. 
Blood Orange Black
This scented tea is based on a blend of China Teas and Ceylon Teas. A very colourful exotic looking tea combining black tea with bright orange peel and red safflowers. Natural flavours of fresh sweet and tangy Italian oranges sets the scene for this refreshing tea and reminds you of balmy evenings in the Mediterranean.
Pina Colada Black
A holiday never feels like a holiday until you have a Piña Colada in your hand! This delicious drink combines the flavours of coconut, pineapple and fresh cream. This tropical and exotic tea is truly one of the world's most refreshing drinks! The Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula and Uva leaves that have classic Ceylon tea character which is noted by floral bouquet and a bright coppery colour in cup.
Raspberry black 
Our Raspberry Flavoured Black Tea is a fine quality loose leaf Ceylon Tea blended with Raspberry leaves and scented with natural Raspberry flavour. A lovely delicate fruity aroma of Raspberries with a sweet dry finish.
English Drawing Room Scented Tea
Our English Drawing Room Scented Tea is a special blend of teas from India Ceylon and China with the addition of Jasmine Petals and Rose Petals. This tea is then delicately scented with Oil of Bergamot. A fine tea for a winters afternoon.
Garden of England Afternoon Tea
Using a blend of teas from all over Asia, it creates a complex blend of sweet, floral and malty notes. The mixture of the delicate addition of blackcurrant softens the otherwise slightly astringent blend, to a sweet, well rounded tea that would complement Afternoon Tea or Cream Teas on a warm summers day. 
Butter Truffle
Butter Truffle Tea is an exciting tea creation for the sweet tooth! Memories of licking out a dish with fresh butter cookie dough with hints of freshly grated orange peel - yum! An indescribable taste for the young and old. A really colourful Black Tea decorated with savoury and spicy ingredients. A real wow!
This wonderful Winter Tea will warm you up when the cold weather arrives! We have taken a China Black Tea which we have delicately scented with natural oils of Cinnamon Almond and Walnut. To this we blend Orange peel Clove pieces Almond pieces Hibiscus flower Cornflowers and Sunflowers to create a very colourful Tea full of rich wintry flavours - Delicious!
This tropical tasting black loose leaf tea is endowed with the juice of Lemons and has that rich sugary acid characteristic. A good refreshing tea which harmonizes well with a light tea blend. Shining pieces of lemon peel are added to the tea to give it more depth of flavour and striking appearance. Great refreshing tea especially on those hot summer days and when winter comes along this tea warms up your heart and your soul.
Vanilla flavoured loose leaf tea. Based on a Black Tea blend of Ceylon Teas delicately scented with Vanilla to give a delicious Vanilla brew! Very Nice Vanilla.
Our blend of Black Tea with Chocolate. Cocoa is said to have come from the gods and was first discovered by the Aztecs and more recently by the people of Kent. Discover the secret with our new delicious Chocolate Tea!
Arctic Fire 
Arctic Fire is a scented China Black Tea with blue cornflowers. Beautiful flavours of Tropicana Summer Fruits and Peppermint. A powerful aroma when you open the packet! Mint and fruity flavours of Mango and Papaya make this a very refreshing tea for mid-afternoons.
Blood Orange 
This scented tea is based on a blend of China Teas and Ceylon Teas. A very colourful exotic looking tea combining black tea with bright orange peel and red safflowers. Natural flavours of fresh sweet and tangy Italian oranges sets the scene for this refreshing tea and reminds you of balmy evenings in the Mediterranean.
Our world famous flagship tea. A strong bright refreshing black tea for everyday use. An Assam Blend with top quality Kenya Teas. So enjoy The Spirit of Pluckley Tea. Strong English Tea!
Smiling Monkey Banana 
A Classic China Black and Ceylon Tea blend scented with the wonderful fresh and fruity scent of Banana and Coconut. Great Aroma and Taste.
White Lady 
Our White Lady Tea is named after one of several ghosts that haunt Pluckley. Our White lady is a black loose tea flavoured with delicate citrus notes.
Russian Caravan Smoky 
Our blend of China Teas Formosa Teas and Darjeeling Estate Teas. This is a great version of this traditional loose leaf black tea blend which adds a little Lapsang Souchong in the blend to give it some smoky notes. This tea of course is suitable for brewing in a samovar. This Blend of loose tea leaves is centuries old and is still popular in China to this day. A highly aromatic soft tasting tea with a slight smoky note.
Liquorice Black 
This Black Tea is a delicately scented Black China Tea blended with Mallow flowers. Natural liquorice oil to gives a real depth of taste and character.
Genmai Chai 
Genmai Chai.
High quality Gunpowder Teas are used here and blended with finest mint to give an intense natural Crisp Mint note to the flavour to our Peppermint Tea. The aromatic lively rich tea experience which this tea gives is a real joy and will lift your spirits. And if your spirit needs cooling down on a hot summer afternoon this makes and ideal iced tea!
Moroccan Mint 
This is a traditional tea blend from Morocco in North Africa. In Morocco Green Gunpowder Tea from China is mixed with freshly picked Mint. We blend Gunpowder Tea with dried Peppermint Herb to create this wonderful authentic tasting tea.
Green China Gunpowder Tea delicately scented with Vanilla. Excellent as an afternoon pick me up and when summer arrives a great base for iced tea. This is one of our most popular flavoured green teas. The sweet and creamy taste of the vanilla combine perfectly with this tea’s subtle caramel character.
Papaya, Guava and Mango Green 
Tropically Flavoured Green Chinese Tea. A wonderful scent and taste of Papaya and Guava with Mango and mango pieces added to create sweet notes.
China Sencha Green Tea - A Chinese loose leaf green tea for everyday drinking. This is a very popular grade which is a staple drink in China. The large loose leaf tea is slightly brittle due to the long wiry nature of the tea leaves. When brewed, you get an olive green dark infusion. The taste is soft and mild with a sweet note.
Granny’s Garden Strawberry Rooibos
A fantastic fresh and fruity Rooibos Strawberry Tea. The colourful Red Rooibos is complimented with pieces of Strawberry and Raspberry. Close your eye's and dream back to the days of “ Grandma's Garden”. 
Rooibos Stracciatella Ice Cream Vanilla Chocolate
Bringing the South African sun to your morning cup, this blend can offer more than just a reminder of warmer weather! With its gorgeous aroma of creamy vanilla and chocolate, it doesn’t matter if you are splayed out on the beach on a hot summer’s day or tucked up in bed on a cold winter’s night – this blend is guaranteed to delight!
Rooibos Pineapple and Lemon Sorbet 
Let’s get started with our very own Rooibos Pineapple and Lemon Sorbet tea! This refreshing and invigorating brew is truly sunshine in a cup as you savour the fruity delights cascading around your palette. A fresh and bright cup of tea with irresistible tastes of creamy Lemon Sorbet and tropical pineapple, with the addition of delightful vanilla notes to finish things off. This blend is a perfect choice for an afternoon tea relaxing on your sunbed as you bask in the warm glow of Summer.
Rooibos Gingerbread and Orange Biscuit 
Rooibos Gingerbread and Orange Biscuit Tea is a very lavish decorative and appealing Tea which tempts with the taste of extraordinarily intense fresh Gingerbread biscuits and sweet Oranges. Exotic ingredients like Pepper and Coriander add the extra touch of finesse. A Tea for the gourmet taste buds!
If you prefer traditional over flavoured blends, then our very own high quality Rooibos tea might be the choice for you.
Rooibos Strawberry and Cream 
Nothing says summer like Strawberries and cream! Now, you don’t have to wait for the warm weather to enjoy its delicious taste our very own Rooibos tea concoction! Thoughts turn to summer afternoons at Wimbledon with mountains of fresh English strawberries and lashings of clotted cream. Shreds of coconut and strawberry pieces are also added to this Rooibos to create a wonderfully enticing looking tea.
English Breakfast 
Decaffeinated Tea - This decaffeinated tea is a Ceylon Orange Pekoe decaffeinated black loose leaf tea with Lovely loose dark tea leaves this tea has a rich aroma in the cup dark strong liquor. This tea has been through the decaffeination process using the CO2 extraction method. Caffeine free!
Bombay Chai 
Bombay Chai is our spicy tea. This spicy chai contains just black tea with spices, no flavouring. A very enjoyable cup of cha with soft sweet notes of spice. Ingredients: Black Tea, whole cardamom and seeds, chicory roots, black peppercorns, ginger, cloves, aniseed and of course cinnamon!
Nepal Masala Chai 
This is a Chai Tea unique to the Ilam district of Nepal. Using black loose leaf grade Black Nepal Tea from the Shree Antu Gurkha Tea estate and spices from the local district includes Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Ginger and Cardamon. They are blended to the Giri family recipe to make a super spicy tea.
Orange Blossom Oolong
Orange Blossom is an unusual Formosa Oolong from Taiwan. Beautifully twisted speciality leaves with tip picked in July. Flavoured with Orange Blossom to create a fine very popular enjoyable liquor.
Wulong Choice Chinese Oolong 
Wulong Choice Tea is an oolong tea from the Wuji mountain range of Fujian Province China. Wulong Teas have a great reputation for being a very healthy drink and an aid in slimming sometimes referred to as weight loss tea or diet tea.
Honeybush Chocolate Cake 
This very unusual creation brings together the great flavour of Honeybush Tea and Chocolate with rosebuds added to round things off. A lovely chocolaty aroma with sweet notes and a hint of rose.
Keemun Lupin 
Keemun Lupin Tea from Anhui. A good quality loose leaf tea with a good neat black leaf. In cup you get a shining red brown liquor with a soft aromatic mild nutty character.
Darjeeling Golden Tips 
Grown in the Yunnan Province of Southern China bordering Vietnam Laos Burma and the Assam Valley of India. The leaf is very attractive large and twisted black with plenty of golden tip. The liquor is deep brown and gives a distinct caramel flavour.
Green and White Tea
Gold Rush 
Green and White Tea with Bergamot and Lemon. A new exciting blend of Green Teas and White Teas scented with bergamot and Lemon. To this we add White Rose buds, Lemon peel and Golden yoghurt granules to create an infusion which has a wonderful aroma with notes of Thai Lemongrass.
Earl Grey
Earl Grey 
is a very famous historic loose leaf Tea blend flavoured with Oil of Bergamot. It is a very delicate process and choosing the right blend of Tea to Oil is critical. Some Teas hold the Oil better than others. Our Tea blend is the perfect mix of Teas from Keemun Assam and Darjeeling and of course it is most important to use natural Oil of Bergamot. 
Versailles Lavender Earl Grey
Our Versailles Lavender Earl Grey combines our classic tea with the finest scent of French Provence blue lavender. This is a special blend of High grown Ceylon Orange Pekoe teas delicately combing oil of Bergamot with lavender and cornflowers.